Airbus Helicopters: 20 years in Russia

Airbus Helicopters celebrates its 20-year presence on the Russian market this year. The European manufacturer’s first helicopter for a Russian customer took off in May 1995. Emeric Lhomme, General Manager of the company’s Russian subsidiary Airbus Helicopter Vostok, told Show Observer that it was a rescue version of the Bo-105 twin for the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Over the past two decades Airbus Helicopters has turned into the leading foreign supplier of commercial helicopters on the Russian market. There are currently 186 Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft operated in Russia. The most popular model is the H125 light single (formerly known as AS350 B3/B3e); there are 65 of the type in this country. UTair Aviation is Russia’s largest operator of Airbus Helicopters aircraft with a fleet of 25.